Sunday, February 04, 2007

Timing and the open door

So you have all the right skills, know all the right people and have proven your capabilities. You may wonder why you haven't progressed and furthered your career, while having all of these strengths work in your favor. The one element that is missing from the equation is "the open door" meaning, the timing and luck required for the door to open and an opportunity to emerge. You could be the most qualified candidate in the world, but if senior management remains stagnant, you will remain immobile. Furthermore, when a door opens, if you have these skills and connections, then you will be the best candidate to walk through the door into a new opportunity and position within your company. Candidates that excel and work hard, will be unnoticed if they don't prove themselves to the appropriate managers. Managers who seek further advancement, may opt to pull you in the right direction as well, possibly taking their old position. As with anything else in life, the corporate world is all a game and the pieces constantly move. When the door does open, you must strike and claim the opportunity before the competition does. Research opportunities, communicate interest, prove yourself and build relationships if you want to be the candidate to accelerate and be at the front of the line when the door opens.