Saturday, February 24, 2007

Recruiting Process: Simplify your time

Ever wonder why your friends are seizing job opportunities, while you are researching hours each day and applying to multiple jobs with no results?

Networking allows for ease in this process, and by connecting with a professional in your desired work space, you have:
  • less pressure
  • more credibility
  • possibly less interviews / time to interview
  • better chances
Networking is a competitive advantage in that it secures passage to a job before it may even be posted. Internal professionals already know when a job is posted, who is hiring, who to speak to, who the hr recruiter is and the process for hiring a new candidate. This is a huge benefit and you should take advantage of it. Your resources is your network, so meet as many people as you possibly can, especially because you don't know where people can end up in different periods of their lives because success is partly due to timing.

It all starts with your network, including your family, friends, teachers and co-workers then it is expanded by their network. So ask them who they know and then ask those people who they know. It is one large cycle and the larger the network you have, the more opportunity at your gate. This is also a reason why people join organizations, because they are networks segmented to your very interests. Find people in your field that have a similar interest and are older than you, so they can mentor you into those positions.