Thursday, January 11, 2007


Instead of basing a SWOT analysis around a product or competitor, let's focus it directly on you as an individual. Focus on maximizing your strengths, reducing your weaknesses, identifying opportunities and stabilizing threats. You may do an exercise, where you brainstorm and write down each of these areas, as they pertain to your current situation. Its all about strategizing ,through foreseeing the future through your current situation. Feedback is a great tool in order to uncover your weaknesses, while strengths are more apparent in your daily life. Opportunities and threats must be analyzed at a deeper level.
  • Strengths & Weaknesses: These areas are easily identified through feedback from others and your own view of yourself. Your goal should to be overcome your weaknesses by investing in education and to enhance or increase your strengths by gaining more real world experience.
  • Opportunities & Threats: Always be aware of currents threats, such as competitors in your organization or environmental factors that you may not control. Opportunities is the most important part of the equation because without opportunities, you will stay stationary in your current position. Opportunities are open doors, which allow you to progress or gain new experience in different fields or have mobility and move up.

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